Thompson & Louis St Laurent UPDATE

I have received a few postings on my Facebook page (Click on the Facebook logo to the right and join up!) about the status of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent.

During the last municipal campaign, we talked about trying to get a signalled pedestrian crosswalk in front of the Metro mall so it would make it easier for people on the east side of Thompson to go to the splash pad and soccer fields instead of getting in their vehicles, going across Thompson Road, park and enjoy the wonderful area there.  Likewise, people on the west side of Thompson told me that they have to get in their cars, cross Thompson Road and then park to go shopping at the mall.

We were notified by town staff recently that the intersection of Louis St Laurent and 25 will be completed soon and traffic will flow east and west now, which will help alleviate some congestion on Britannia Road.  Paul Cripps brought this up at one of our recent meetings and in response I asked about traffic lights at Thompson and LSL.  He informed us that they are pushing to make sure the lights are installed at the same time LSL and 25 is complete.  Once that intersection is complete, traffic along LSL will increase which will require

At this coming Monday’s town council meeting there is a purchasse that will be authorized to get the materials needed for Thompson and LSL traffic lights, which shows its on the move.

HOPEFULLY this will help pedestrians cross the road safer.  There will be lines for pedestrians to cross at this intersection and I urge EVERYONE instead of crossing mid-traffic to the park to use the intersection and cross there.  I will continue to monitor this intersection after its done to see if it helps the problem of pedestrian traffic.  If not, I’ll be asking town staff to look into the possibility of a signalled crosswalk.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their concerns and I hope we can continue the conversation as these changes happen.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to the exact date we will have the lights installed, but it looks like late June as a possibility.

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