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Fire victims thankful for donation offers, but decline

The family whose home was destroyed by fire after a gas main ruptured yesterday has asked the people of Milton to save their donations for those who truly need them.

Hamid Khan, who lived in the Bennett Boulevard home with his wife, eight-year-old son and five- and three-year-old daughters, said he appreciated the sentiment behind the donations but added that he had insurance to cover the damage and a “good job” to provide for his family during the days ahead.

He added: “God bless those who want to give.”

So far Shoeless Joe’s, the Salvation Army and Mattamy Homes have offered to act as drop-off locations for giving families.

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Many thanks to the people who over the last 18 hours have emailed me offering to help these families in need.  Its been a busy time for a lot of people involved from the fire / police department, to the Union Gas employees working until 330AM last night to the dozens of volunteers to help out at EC Drury school for the heating centre.

There are currently plans in the works with Salvation Army to co-ordinate a drop off for the famlies involved in the fire and I should have an update soon.  So far to my knowledge there are 2 other locations for people to drop off items.  One location is Shoeless Joe’s in Milton (thanks to Z1035 tweeting that info) and the other location is the Mattamy Sales office at Derry Road and Trudeau.

If you want to drop off at the Mattamy Sales office you can go during business hours (today 1PM to 8PM, Friday from 1PM to 6PM, Sat & Sun 11AM to 6PM) up until this Sunday December 19th.

I’ll try to find out the hours for Shoeless Joes and update this post as soon as I can.

Kashif from the Hawthorne Villager, who is a good friend of the family involved also is accepting any items people are willing to donate.  His email is

I should also have an update on a bank account to help out the family as well.  Stay tuned!

More details to come!

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