The guy with the cool magnets…

Here is a preview of my campaign fridge magnets. If you would like one and I haven’t got to your door yet, just drop me an email at and either myself of a member of my campaign team will be happy to give you one.

The number of candidates for Town and Regional council seems to be growing by the day which is a good sign. This means that there is some interest in what is going on in Milton. Some people are happy with the progress and some feel there could me more done. What seems to be the most common theme at the doors is that the decisions that have been made are poorly thought and the communication between levels of government (i.e. Town and Regional) can improve drastically.

As your councillor I will do my best to ensure that improves. The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right one is doing and in this period of incredible growth, it needs to improve. The most important part of the communication process is however, the communication from you, the taxpayers, to the levels of government.

We need to know what you’re thinking and what your concerns are. It’s important that we get feedback from you on major decisions BEFORE they are made. This is why door knocking in between elections and utilizing other forms of communication is something that is essential for our elected representatives. My website will be that tool along with my commitment that I will continuously seek out your opinions and concerns over the next four years as your town councillor for Ward One.

This election campaign is just the beginning and it will continue over the next four years. I ask for your support on Election Day which is November 13, 2006. More details as to where the polling stations are going to be located, times, etc will be posted here as they come available. I look forward to meeting you at the doors.

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