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Hello Ward One! I’ve had some recent “issues” with my blog on www.mikecluett.ca, SO…here we go again. This is the NEW-er premiere blog for the Mike Cluett Campaign.

Ever since I started knocking on doors for the past few months, it has been a great experience. NOW its time to kick it into high gear. Summer is over, kids are back at school and the routines are (or soon will be) back to normal.

NOW, its time to think about our town.

We have a very important decision to make this November and at the risk of being over dramatic, it’s probably the most important election in the recent history of Milton.

Change is happening all around us. New roads are being built (maybe not at the speed we would LIKE). More homes are being occupied as families, young and old, experience their dreams of living in the Town of Milton. We all share or have shared in those dreams; the brand new home smell so to speak.

That is why it’s important that everyone takes the time to review what all the candidates are proposing for the next 4 years. That is the main reason why I decided to have a campaign website. It’s a communication tool, as this blog is, for those of us in Ward one AND the town of Milton to have a constant flow of communication. It will be utilized as a tool for me, as your town councillor; to let you know what is going on in our ward, and to communicate directly to you. With the decisions that the next council will be faced with looming in the horizon, it’s very important for your town councillor to be able to hear what you have to say.

Here’s how I will do that as your town councillor.

1) Immediately establish a Citizens Advisory Committee

This Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) will prove to be another tool of communication for residents of the ward and the town councillors to exchange ideas and get feedback on certain issues. These CAC’s can meet bi monthly and the councillors can send their reports directly to Council meetings so that the views of the residents are on the record.

2) Continue to knock on doors in between elections.

It’s all well and good to knock on doors during an election period to get your platform out there, but what happens in between elections? Many of you from the conversations I have had at the doors have expressed concern and frustration at getting answers from both our current representatives AND from Town Hall. I will commit to continue knocking on doors in between elections to ensure your voice is heard and your questions answered.

3) Utilize technology.

The website www.mikecluett.ca will continue to be used as a tool for communication once elected. It is here where I will give updates on when roads are slated to be paved, status of stop signs at intersections, etc. It also will continue to be used as a forum for residents to speak directly to me about what concerns them.

THIS is just a start. It only works if everyone participates. I am letting you know what I will do as your councillor and I hope I can count on you to make it work.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible before November 13th. In the meantime, please take an opportunity to post a comment in my blog or send me an email at mike@mikecluett.ca

Time to get some rest…out knocking again tomorrow evening!

Take care,

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