Change is in the air…

Door knocking tonight was a bit chilly. It didn’t really rain for a long time but for most of the afternoon the drizzle fell in true autumn fashion. I can’t believe that autumn is just around the corner. Plans are underway for my son’s 6th birthday party and I hope that it’s warm enough to be outside.

The past couple of nights at the doors seemed to uncover similar themes as with the weather. In between the many comments on “Trudeau Raceway” and the excessive speeds drivers reach (even on a drizzly night in September) confusion about a local park, and providing people information on how they find out if their names are on the voters list *hint: just drop me an email at *

A lot of people I spoke with agreed with me that we need to work at reducing speed limits in residential streets and have an increased police presence to enforce these limits. You can have all the by-laws and regulations you want. If people don’t comply…they are meaningless.

It really doesn’t make sense to have an area heavily populated by young families such as ourselves with a speed limit of 50KM/hr. Natural driving urges will bring that closer to 60KM/h (as most do on the 400 series highways) and the potential for an accident increases.

Even while talking to people just off “Trudeau Raceway” I saw some crazy stuff on the side streets. There was a driver who tried to pass someone on the left hand side on a two lane road because the driver wasn’t driving fast enough for them. People are getting frustrated at the level of non compliance of the posted speed limits and they all seem to agree its going to take a tragedy to open some eyes. There were some that have lived in Hawthorne Village for close to 5 years and they have given up trying to get some action from local levels of government.

The feeling of change is definately in the air.

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