150th Anniversary Plug and Pizza Overload

This has been a very busy weekend.

I was out knocking on doors along Bennett Road and Armstrong for the good part of the morning. In the afternoon Anthony had one of his birthday parties. Yes I said parties. Ever since the last one, he’s wanted to have his party at Chuck E Cheese and have a soccer party. So we did both. His soccer and school friends had one yesterday and tonight was family / cousins at Chuck’s. Fun times were had by all, but now I’m feeling a bit of pizza overload.

Again early this morning out visiting some more Ward One residents and later in the afternoon there was a special BBQ for the 150th anniversary committee out in a beautiful area of Milton. As you are aware, I am the Chairperson of the Master Committee and we have been hard at work planning the 2007 celebrations for the past 2 years.

The chair of our Promotions sub committee Kevin and his lovely wife hosted 20 or so of the 150th committee members and special guests. They have a beautiful home and backyard and a great time was had by all. (A BIG thank you goes to our hosts!)

The plans for Milton’s 150th are well underway and some very BIG things will be coming shortly. You will NOT believe it when you hear it. I can’t say anything just yet but it IS huge. I will leave it at that. (How’s that for suspense eh?)

We were also introducing to everyone the winners of our 150th contest that was held earlier this year. The contest was open to all residents of Milton to choose the mascot and Theme for the 150th Celebrations. Rose Brooks and Michelle Job were our lucky winners and they get to join the Mayor of Milton and ring the bell on New Years Eve. There is a long list of names that have had the honour of ringing the bell and now we can add two more.

If you are interested in helping out in the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Milton, you can contact me or visit our webpage. You will be seeing and hearing more about the committee soon as we get closer to the start of the celebrations. The more help the easier the task becomes so if you can afford some time to attend a few meetings and plan some events, drop me a line.

Tomorrow evening is a very important Administration and Planning meeting at council chambers. I will have some information on this meeting and more tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

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